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The Chanel Kingdom

The Chanel Kingdom

When Karl Lagerfeld took us on his private jet while showcasing his collection, we applauded his creativity, however we did not expect a whole flying around the world Private Party!

Touring Major cities, Numerso Prives opened at the Waynn hotel in Las Vegas on the  23rd of January 20012.

Planes, Champagne, limousines and pedicures: Chanel sent private jets to California and New York to collect their guests.
Picked up from their apartment in Escalades which windows were emblazed with the brand’s iconic logo of interlocking “Cs” and driven to the airport where a fleet of thirteen planes in New York and 7 in Los Angeles awaited the selected guests.

Upon arrival to Sin City Guests where treated into a welcome drink during which the Luxury fashion house celebrated the unveiling of its ten-day installation “Numeros Prives” A journey through the world of Coco Chanel.

The Setup was an homage to the Iconic Fashion house most notable contribution to society.
The millions of dollars installation included everything that would take you to another dimension where visitors would enter to the magical world of Chanel, a brand that fascinated generations over the years.

Materials, figures, symbols colors and coveted objects were all displayed and made every visitor dream of the  powerful Chanel Kingdom.

Entering through symbolic curtains of white beads visitors starts to get carried away as they entered a magical World of Chanel by feeling Gabriella’s adored pearls the guest than continued walking through Karl Lagerfeld Studio 7L his well known Gigantic Library to meet Kaiser Karl surrounded by his infinite collection of books which covered all the walls.

Transported into every Chanel lover’s mind, a recreation of the legendary 2.55 shoulder bag takes the breath away. Pioneered by Gabrielle Chanel in 1955 guests witnessed the masterpiece itself by stepping through a futuristic air-lock chamber with walls lined with sensuous leather, recreating a huge 2.55 Iconic Bag. While walking through digital displays and a wall of videos showing each step of the creative concept with full sound effects from the workshops the room offered a sensory, mechanical and aesthetic take on one of Chanel’s most emblematic creations.


After leaving the 2.55 room visitors entered the tweed room an educative display on the past and the present from the full Chanel suit to mixing and matching high end with high street the tweed room was dedicated to the favorite fabric for Chanel jackets.. Tweed was showcased in a frame, black on black, like a work of Art. Say the word “tweed” out loud and the sound is a muted-Mezzo voice. A creative concept produced by a room especially designed to absorb sound highlighting the importance of tweed in the Chanel Empire.

Adding to the displays was the perfume room named as the Pop Room, which was covered with silk screed Images of the CHANEL N5 Bottle and leading the visitors into a Digital room that translated Modernity through a play of lights, and sounds digital screens projecting snow flacks whith huge hourglasses counting time and floors covered by watch face drawings, representing the J12 Iconic watch.

Adorned with figures designed by the legendary Lagerfeld, the next room is a Children’s room which evokes memories of playing with dolls and which led the guests into a paradise look alike Space. 

Highlighting the Chanel Symbolic, flower the next room is an outdoor area filled with Camellia trees where guests are reminded of Jean Cocteau’s  classic “ Beauty and the beast”  in a luxurious garden presenting flowers scintillate with diamonds in display cases.

The exhibition did not end here, Visitors are then introduced to the creative and ingenious world of Karl Lagerfeld the geniuses mind who contributed into making the house of Chanel remain the dream of generations to come, by incorporating his work sketches ideas and projects.

The house of Chanel was keen to reproduces Gabrialle’s 31 Rue de Gabon apartment (aka Coco) in order to create that feel in the young Chanel lovers to see the brand from the elderly point of you. A Haute Couture room was created with it’s Coromandel screens and tall mirrors that reflected a never- ending succession of image,s dresses displayed under glass, mannequins and the stunning boxes used to deliver Haute Couture dresses to Clients. 

And Finally the Game room a playful display of Chanel’s Symbols such as the lion, the clover-leaf, the double C the number 5 in addition to games from which the lucky guests were able to win prices by catching the famous Chanel black and white paper bags filled with make-up, perfume and stunning Chanel accessories.

All over the Major Cities visited by the sensational exhibition , all 10 rooms were  part of the scene, a journey that flew us from the past via the present to the future.

In Vegas Dinner Cocktails and Drinks, The exclusive Waynn hotel welcomed guests like Jessica Alba, Maria Belle, Rachel Zoe.

Numeros Prives Landed in Dubai on the 14th of February for a 3 days exclusive event.
Hosted at the Pavilion Downtown Dubai only by invitation, Selected guests took the journey through a contemporary excursion into the enchanted world of Chanel
The same meaningful Symbols shapes and colors with every asset and trademark were all presented once again for the stylish people of Dubai.
Being one of the Biggest Market for the Chanel Addicts Dubai social scene witnessed on the evening of 16th of February a party featuring a special performance by London’s “Hors meet disco”.
Chanel’s Elite’s danced till the early hours with drinks bubbles and delicious canapé each leaving with special a signature gift.

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